Bogorodskoe being a motherland of famous people's fishing in carved wooden toys and sculptures is located in orthodoxal heart of Russia near Sergiev-Posad, on picturesque hill at river Kun'ja.

Bogorodskoe is an ancient village. Just in 14th-15th century Serfs subjected to Troutse-Sergiev monasterium laid foundations to art fishing of wood carving having developed later. A village became one of the centers of people's art in the history of Russian applied art.

In 1913 the artisans were unified in "Bogorodskoe wood carver" artel. A professional technical school was founded. It's basic task was preparing new staff, i.e., artisans on art wood carving.

In 1960, on the eve of 300 years anniversary of birth of the fishing artel was transformed into factory.

By 2001 there were several departments on the factory: a department of white carved toy, a department of sculpture, a department of Lathe painted toy with motion based on ancient principles of assembling and painting, a department of mixed styles and departments basically engaged in shabby and painted toys and Matryoshkas. In 1999 based on cooperation with Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra iconostasis carving reborn.

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